`I Had No Idea I Was Being Taught to Further Develop This Supernatural Ability`

`I Had No Idea I Was Being Taught to Further Develop This Supernatural Ability`

‘Cinta ditolak dukun bertindak’ is an Indonesian saying that means whenever a romantic feeling is not reciprocated, there’s always a dukun, or shaman, who can help you get the girl or boy of your dreams. 

While some say such practices are nonsense, nearly 100 patients seek the services of M’bah Pe’a Ki Nogo - Rogo each day. The dukun also has a Web site, dukunpelet.com, where he surveys the needs and complaints of his patients and helps those in need — primarily love-struck souls.

But that’s not the only service he offers, and visitors with good intentions can make any number of supernatural requests. Just don’t ask M’bah Pe’a what his name means.

How long have you been helping others in this way? 

I started my practice in 1997, but I never went commercial. This is what one of my mentors advised. So all these years, I’ve considered my practice as helping others to solve their problems. 

You’re now only 27 years old, and you’ve been doing this since 1997. When did you get this gift and how? 

People tell me that I started showing this gift when I was in the fourth grade. At the time, I was somewhat able to cure minor wounds and illnesses. Then when I was in the eighth grade, I was taken on as a disciple by one of my masters. 

The funny thing is, I had no idea I was being taught to further develop this supernatural ability. At the time, I thought I was studying silat Betawi [a style of self-defense]. My master often told me to fast for days to increase my punching power [laughs]. One time he even buried me and left only my head above ground for the same reason. 

With ‘pelet’ [romantically attracting someone to a patient], is it males or females that use your service more? 

If you think most of my patients are men, you’re mistaken. I receive an equal number of male and female visitors. 

Is pelet so powerful in bringing people together that it can prevent a divorce? 

Some of my patients have actually wanted to use my help to end their marriage, because they wanted to separate in a good way, without hostility. In cases like these, I sometimes verbally comply with their request only to, in the end, charm them back to each other without them knowing [laughs]. Why quit your marriage for no good reason, right? 

Do you focus mostly on people’s love lives? 

Not really. In fact, like I told you earlier, I also do spiritual healing and other services such as finding lost or stolen items, susuk[magical charms] and ‘house cleaning’ for those whose houses are, to put it simply, haunted. 

I chose dukunpelet.com because it turns out that most complaints are about love lives. You see, every time a patient comes to seek my help, I collect their data by asking them to fill out forms that are then processed. The graph results show that romance is the number one problem. 

How much do patients usually pay for your services? 

[Smiles] I told you, my service is not commercial, so there is no such thing as a service fee. For those who come to my home seeking my aid, I only have a donation box where you may give your donation in a sealed envelope. The important thing is that you are ikhlas [sincere]. 

But it is different if a patient wishes to meet me outside. In that case, we will usually come to an agreement regarding the service fee. This is because I believe that those in real need of my help would disregard any reasons of inconvenience or discomfort to see me directly. 

With at least 80 patients a day, I am able to make a decent living. Some of the financially capable patients have even given gifts, such as an air-conditioner or TV. That is why I often spend my day off on Saturdays playing video games with this big TV I got from a patient [laughs]. 

Have you ever said ‘no’ to a patient? 

Yes, if their requests go against my conscience and my values. For example, when I was once offered hundreds of millions to perform a santet [black magic to physically harm someone from afar], or trying to charm someone only to extort money from them. 

Is it possible this supernatural gift was inherited? 

As a matter of fact, it was said that I initially got this gift from my grandmother. Now it seems that my 4-year-old daughter, Farida, is starting to show a gift of her own. She says that she often sees apparitions or ghosts in the most peculiar places. 

There was this one time at KFC in Pondok Indah Mall where she said there was this ghost of a boy whom she interacted with. She told it to go away and not to disturb her. 

And lastly, what does M’bah Pe’a Ki Nogo - Rogo mean? 

[Laughs] Sorry, as interesting as the story is, it directly involves the pure essence of my supernatural power. So I’m afraid it’s a trade secret. 

M’bah Pe’a was talking to Antonny Saputra.
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